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Breeze Cross aka Breeze-la, “Bowl Master” - Sansula and Voice

David Blonski - Didgeridoos, Flutes, Guitars, Voice, Atmospheric and Melodic Percussion

Laurie Martin, aka ahMuse - Melodic Percussion and Voice

Sue Cross - Ambient Sounds and Voice

Jim Eaglesmith - Guitar and Voice


Recorded and produced by David Blonski at Timeless Productions


Breeze Cross



David Blonski / Timeless Productions

Cover Photo: David Blonski


A group of like minded, like spirited musical explorers who want to provide the opportunity to experience a more peaceful & harmonious world through music created with love & intention.

It is our intention to offer you a healing listening experience through the powerful vibrational energy of the crystal bowls intertwined with the exotic voices of didgeridoos, flutes, melodic percussion, ambient sounds and voice.

We feel our music is peaceful, soothing, nurturing, restorative, mindful, and heart opening, capable of creating a sense of wellbeing.

It is our intention to express our highest good through our music in a project we hope is a benefit to humanity. We are motivated to help raise the vibration/consciousness of the world into a more compassionate reality. Simply put, we want our music to help create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

It is our hope that the Crystal Alchemy Project will offer you a peaceful oasis in the midst of a stressful and chaotic world. Sit back, relax and listen while we help you let go of distractions and negative energy and restore balance to the body, mind and spirit.


While you can listen to this music casually, to get the most from this experience we recommend taking the time to relax comfortably, either sitting or lying down with headphones. Listen to the album as a whole or take in each song on its own.

1. Awakening - Opening and attuning the chakras… expansive and enlivening.
2. Soul Fire - Energy of the Solar Plexus meeting the tranquility of the Soul… powerful yet tender.
3. Gaia’s Embrace - Held by Earth’s nurturing arms we reach for the stars… grounding and uplifting.
4. Golden Gate - Activating the pineal, the rocket ship to higher consciousness… 5, 4, 3, 2,1….
5. Life Force - Exploring the outer edges to find balance…mysterious and atmospheric.
6. Garden of Grace - Expressing gratitude as we walk through the mist into the Light… mystical and nurturing.
7. Eye of the Beholder - Perceiving beyond our normal vision… playful and magical.
8. Heaven Awaits - Opening the crown, receiving the flow of blessings and inspiration… blissful and complete.